ITS | Integrated Therapeutic Services

Comprehensive Psychological Services for Inpatient Facilities​

 Integrated Therapeutic Services (ITS) is a behavioral health services company specializing in providing mental health treatments to residents of long-term care facilities including nursing homes, assisted living centers and adult homes, as well as to clients of outpatient settings such as day treatment programs and dialysis centers. The goal of ITS is to introduce and implement practical and positive changes into clients’ lives. Our professional staff of licensed and carefully screened psychologists and social workers are academically and clinically trained in treating mental health issues commonly associated with adult care clients. ITS was founded by psychologists and other mental health professionals with a focus on each client’s specific needs including treatment of depression, end-of-life issues, anxiety disorders and severe mental illness. Our mental health professionals have regularly demonstrated that psychotherapeutic intervention is effective in improving functioning and decreasing symptoms in facility settings. At the core of our services is the belief that the most effective forms of therapy are those that are integrated into a client’s daily life alongside the treatments provided by facility staff.