• Mental Health Crisis Management
  • Individual. Group, and Family Psychotherapy
  • Behavior Management Planning (Our complimentary service)
  • Diagnostic and Neuropsychological Assessment and Reporting
  • Cognitive Remediation for Dementia
  • Caregiver training and education
  • Alzheimer’s assessment
  • Collaborative Care Planning
  • MDS Survey consultation
  • Staff inservices on Mental Health-related topics
  • Customized Program consultation


The benefits of having ITS provide psychological services at your facility are:

  • ITS helps to lighten the workload of your case managers, social workers and other support staff.
  • ITS focuses on improving patient compliance with complete interdisciplinary treatment regimen.
  • ITS helps you attract clients who can benefit from our services, thereby giving you a competitive marketing advantage at no cost to you.
  • ITS offers your clients coping and socialization skills for dealing with transition and difficult life events, and opportunities to practice these skills in targeted psychotherapy groups.
  • ITS provides your staff with in-service presentations and consultations.
  • ITS helps improve your staff and clients’ morale.
  • ITS prevents your facility from losing revenue as a result of clients’ psychiatric hospitalization by utilizing early psychotherapeutic intervention.

In addition to the above benefits we provide at all facilities we service, we also provide some services designed specifically for Skilled Nursing Facilities:

  • ITS helps improve case mix and potentially increase facility revenue by utilizing our proven MDS assessment program, which includes complimentary analysis of depression-module scoring and customized consultation services to improve scoring accuracy and capture of relevant symptoms.
  • ITS helps ensure compliance with the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA), as well as other laws and license requirements. We work closely with Nuirsing and Social Work departments to ensure top quality, streamlined, and consistent documentation of all mental health conditions and their relevant care plans.

The psychotherapy services we provide are reimbursable by Medicare Part B, Medicaid, and all major medical insurance plans. ITS is a fully licensed group practice and a direct insurance biller, and our psychotherapy services are therefore provided at no cost to your facility.